Cherie Doherty

Cherie 009 Large Web viewFor me this business is about keeping things small to large, antique, vintage and new in circulation.  It’s in my DNA and for my children.  As a child I remember my Mother bringing home a chair from a local “junk shop”.  My parent’s re-glued, re-tied, re-finished, and re-upholstered that beautiful Lawson chair.  After growing up with that chair in my parent’s home it has now found its way to my living room.  As my family enjoys it they learn to love things that didn’t start new to them.  It also shows them my commitment to making the world a little better by keeping beautiful and still usable things out of landfills. 

After spending 8 years in Pharmaceutical Sales I transitioned to a Stay-At-Home Mom.  During my “Mom” years I focused on the buying end of the Estate Liquidation Industry.  It was a natural transition back working outside my home to join an Estate Sale company and get in on the selling end of the business.  After working for two top companies I decided to join forces with Dan and Gayle and start Sheridan Estate Sales.

I am the “treasures” person for Sheridan.  This involves handling all jewelry, gold & silver, and high end smalls and collectibles. Additionally I am responsible for advertising and marketing of each sale. 

I have the good fortune to be in business with two people I trust and respect.  I get up each day happy because I know I get to go to work and do what I love!

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